Rocket Lawyer mostly sold a monthly membership and subtlety promoted an annual membership only on the pricing page. As an initiative to increase annual memberships for SMBs, I worked with the product team and led the redesign of a new pricing page along with how we communicate the value it delivers among all our other services. 
The main challenge was to highlight the value of a Rocket Legal+ membership while also keeping the monthly membership and creating differentiation. My approach was to be transparent with pricing and highlight the "plus" was now getting professional legal help. The visual design solution is scalable and expresses a complete legal solution empowering our customers while promoting individual value of each product and service.    
The new pricing page and pricing components on other landing pages have helped increase annual membership sales with sustained conversions of up to 4x from before. This was also achieved with minimal marketing of the new annual membership. 
Branding / Website / Icons / UX patterns / Messaging
Research and Exploration
At first the team wanted to do a standard SaaS tiered pricing page, however we only had two memberships to choose from. Therefore I decided to explore a more app-first company approach which helped change perceptions. I then designed many wireframes and low-fi design options quickly to establish the user journey. 
Final design
I designed the final design to make sure it worked on mobile as well as desktop and developed design patterns that the UX team used to make this membership experience consistent all the way through acquisition, checkout and account settings.
The visual design treatment uses Rocket Lawyer's brand assets to communicate the tagline visually by showing one membership protecting everything for your business.
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