To connect with small and mid-sized businesses, we launched the "Work Confidently" campaign. This omni-channel effort, created with our marketing team and a top video agency, aimed to boost trial starts and enhance brand recognition.
We focused on our key SMB customer segment and created three commercials highlighting different stages of starting and running a business. The characters portrayed confident business owners with Rocket Lawyer by their side. I was hands-on throughout the process, from script editing and on-set art directing to digital marketing and landing page designs.
We staggered the release of each video and marketing effort to spread out the investment, giving the campaign more longevity. Within a year, Rocket Lawyer saw a significant increase in direct traffic (15% YoY growth) and a 35% lift in branded searches.​​​​​​​
PTV Commercials / Paid and Organic Social / Landing Pages / Email / Content Marketing / Pandora / GDN & PMax
(Video production by TeamWin) 
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