When I first started at Rocket Lawyer, the brand identity was dated, had inconsistent brand assets and didn’t represent the legal tech marketplace they performed in. There was a need to make the Rocket Lawyer brand look more professional, trusted, consistent and elevate the product and human side of of Rocket Lawyer.
I self-initiated many projects, working with marketing, product and content teams to develop a new brand strategy that led to the creation of new brand assets, a refreshed visual design and marketing design systems to help guide future projects.
The work I have created and led my team to produce has helped the company gain market share, define our products better and win customers back. As an ongoing effort, I continue to build on our success, with new AI tools and art direction of the company’s international marketing efforts.
Brand Strategy / Brand Guidelines / Product Brand Architecture / Employer Branding / Icons / Illustrations / Product Photography / Messaging Guides / Internal Documentation
Brand Strategy
I started the Rocket Lawyer rebrand with a brand audit and then conducted internal interviews with the executive team and external research to help define Rocket Lawyer's positioning. I worked with the content marketing team to refine our messaging and brand personality, including a framing of what "Rocket" means to put guardrails on our brand story.
Brand Assets
Following the brand strategy development and sell-in to the executive team and cross-functional partners, I created a comprehensive set of brand assets and brand guidelines. I continue to be a brand steward managing the creation and proper use of our assets in marketing, product and external partners.  
Employer Branding
At Rocket Lawyer, the brand design team also manages our employer brand assets to promote culture, recruitment and communications. For the summer of 2023, we started a summer internship program, and I spearheaded a campaign theme with my team to implement a fun and scaleable swag system that promotes our mission-driven culture through the entire length of the internship. ​​​​​​​
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