Krispy Kreme came to Sterling Brands to redesign their iconic brand mark and retail packaging to explore taking "Doughnuts" off their logo and yet expressing their heritage throughout. I worked with Sterling Brands on some conceptual work for a rebrand
I leaned into an experiential moment at Krispy Kreme stores where customers can watch their doughnuts being made right in front of them, they call "doughnut theater." In addition I saw an opportunity to clean up up the logo to be more legible and work at smaller sizes. My concept was to turn the dot over the “i” into a doughnut on a conveyer belt, which represents the in-store experience, and the retail packaging has moments of fun and cheeky messages of their heritage. 
This creative work was presented to the Krispy Kreme client however was not the final direction chosen. However the illustrations I created were used on retail packaging.
Brand Identity / Package Design / Icons
(Designed at Sterling Brands)
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