Integrated SMB Marketing Campaigns
I art directed the creation of three integrated Performance TV campaigns that included supporting Pandora, Google display advertising, Social ads, email and more. Since launching these campaigns, the company saw a significant increase in direct traffic, trial conversions and branded search lift of 35%. 
(Video production by TeamWin) 
Paid Social Campaigns
My team and I have designed various paid social campaigns for the acquisition marketing team. These are just a couple with the objective of highlighting the need of legal help during customer life events and also leveraging Rocket Lawyer's great customer service and satisfied customers.
Seasonal Social Campaigns
Designed and implemented Rocket Lawyer social campaigns to increase engagement of our product and our first seasonal social campaign during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years within a fast-paced timeline. These paid social advertising series saw strong results and a reduced CPA across paid channels.
GTM Product Launch Video
As a response to the BLM protest and civil unrest, our product team jumped on creating a feature to our mobile app that gives anyone the ability to upload video evidence of injustice and get in contact with an attorney for help. I created the GTM marketing design for Rocket Evidence, to promote the feature and app upgrade, across multiple touch points including landing page, email, video, social and app store graphics.​​​​​​​
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