As the final project of a Brand Management class I completed at UC Berkeley, I picked a subject and company I am passionate about that is on a mission to eliminate single-use plastics around the world, while enlisting major CPG companies to partner with them. Loop by Teracycle started as a food delivery subscription with food delivered in returnable containers. The following project is the brand strategy, creative brief and executional plan to make LoopX a destination for a future-forward and community shopping experience.
Executional Plan
LoopX is a circular packaging economy that connects consumers to brands with reusable and refillable products and a pop up shopping experience enhanced with AR glasses. These locations also serve as micro distribution centers for selling and receiving packaging for cleaning and reusing. These LoopX Hubs host local manufacturers and maker events to build gathering spaces and communities to promote green initiatives.
Rent short term retail locations that are vacant, also known as “zombie” stores, in order to reinforce the “reuse’ philosophy and minimize costs of building out a long term presence. Fixtures, coolers/freezers are all on wheels or easily moved. These stores become community hubs to purchase new items, return packaging and learn about products with store provided AR glasses and reversible tote shopping bags.
The LoopX wallscape campaign will post partner ads that are common products seen in stores along side a consistent LoopX poster. After a few weeks the partner ads are covered with a printed cut vinyl supplement that covers the ads to promote LoopX products. The messaging is LoopX is reusing other ads to reinforce the reuse philosophy and cross sell partner products/brands.
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